Frequently asked questions

General questions

Please, create an affiliate account here —
To register, click on the big green GET STARTED NOW button and fill-up the form with all the
required information. Make sure you submit a valid email address.

After registration, we will send you an email asking you to confirm your affiliate account. Check
your email’s Inbox (and Spam folder), find the “Welcome to Seed4.Me Affiliate” email and click
on the CONFIRM YOUR EMAIL button.

After the email confirmation, you are ready to start. Log in to your account (if you logged out)
here —
copy and share your affiliate link on your website, blog, etc.

Anytime, contact for help.
Check your Spam folder first.

If it’s not there, please, follow these steps:
1. Add our email addresses and to your whitelist or your address book to avoid our messages being marked as spam.
2. Please, log in to your affiliate account here —
3. On the top right corner, click your login (email) > My Profile
4. If you see that your Account Status is Not Confirmed, please click the “Send confirmation email” under that field.
Make sure you have created and confirmed your Affiliate account, log in to it on and you will find your affiliate link right on the top of the page. Share
the link in your blog, website, etc. to earn on selling VPN.
Currently, you can have only one link, but we plan to enable additional links in the future. Please
contact to get more details.
Please, put your affiliate link on your website, blog, social media, and click on the link.
Now, log into your account here — If the link is placed properly, you should see new visits registered on the Stats plot (blue color).

If there are no visits, please, make sure you copied the whole link from the Share this link field.
In case of any questions or problems, contact
Yes. Currently, we do not forbid using our brand in the affiliates’ ads, but the policy could be
updated in the future. You can get the promotional materials here.
If a customer referred by you buys a Seed4.Me VPN within 30 days — we share the revenue
with you. So-called browser cookies help us to identify and permanently link a customer to your
affiliate account. Affiliate Cookie Lifetime is 30 days.
In case of any questions or problems, feel free to contact us —
We are happy to help!